Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Preorder Your Alcohol Refillable Pen Marker by Tim Holtz Now

GUESS WHAT!? This is the coolest marker ever and we just put it up for PREORDER. Preorders will be filled on a first come, first served basis, so order early if you are in love with this marker! It is a fillable alcohol ink marker. CLICK HERE To preorder it. We hope to receive our first shipment soon.

"This is the absolute best product we have in our entire store! Tim showed us how to use this pen / marker several months ago and ever since then we have been eagerly anticipating its arrival into the store! When I spoke with him on the phone (yes, brag brag, sorry folks! ) I totally meant to tell him what a genius idea this is even above all of his other brilliant genius ideas! I was so befuddled just chatting about stamps that I forgot to mention this tool. Oh regrets, well, can't think about those too long now can we!?

So now, I get the chance to tell you ALL About it!! If you want to see a video on him demoing it, use this link:

Basically, it's a dual ended marker that you fill with the adirondack alcohol inks (we have every single color and set sold in the store in stock now!) Use it like a copic. The nibs come out and the ink bottle tip fits in perfectly. VOILA! Your very own marker! Customize your entire collection. Seriously folks, this is genius because Tim's alcohol inks in themselves are genius. Coupled with the dual end nibs, coupled with the handy dandy ease of refilling (Tweezers help pull out the nib), coupled with the fact that you get to customize your collection...ooops, I guess we are all coupled out! Use it with the alcohol blending solution to make watercoloring effects. Oh there is just too much to say, PLEASE check out his demo!

Seriously, pick some of these up, they are the best investment you will make in your paper crafting career!
PLEASE NOTE! This is a presell! These empty markers should arrive within the next 30 days. If not, your money back!
" -Heidi
by Tim Holtz
CLICK HERE To see Tim Holtz Demoing this new Adirondack Fillable Pen Marker. We have all of the alcohol inks in the store now! Including the new ones. You can buy them individually, as a 3 pack or as a color set! There are LIGHTS, BRIGHTS, and EARTH Tones.

Earth tones


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