Saturday, April 25, 2009

What do you think of the New blog Layout for Simon Says Stamp?

Ok, pretty please be honest! I don't want the same answer as when I ask my hubby if my butt looks good in these jeans. Really, I need the help of a real friend,. You know? A friend who will tell me if I have a booger hangin' out of my nose......

What do you think of the new blog layout?

As is especially obvious from the look of our previous layout, I am NOT GOOD WITH THESE sorts of things...Help help! Our dear friend Marcia designed this for us. I happen to love it, but do you have any suggestions or is there something you would like us to add or delete?

Is anyone out there? echoooooooo in a cave ;) Insight? Anyone?


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  1. hi,
    your new Blog Layout is great it looks very pretty, the soft colors are my favorite
    hugs Lia

  2. I'm here :-) and I always tell the truth ;-) At first I thought I'm on a wrong blog, and I thought "I failed again.. but uhh, what is this LOVELY place? I have to watch it" :D So I do love this new design (it's so cute!) and the direct links upside are good idea!! :-))

  3. Heidi !!!
    The blog layout looks great !!
    and I am not just saying that !!
    Keep bloging !!
    I will keep on reading !!
    Take care

  4. i like it! very sophisticated! great change!

  5. Hi love the design of your new blog, like the colours and everything very sweet...good job!

  6. Hi,
    also I think its very good. I like the new Header very much!


  7. OK Heidi, to be honest, I LOVE IT, I am actually jealous, mine is not that creative. It would also make a great NEW logo for your store, very inviting. To be totally honest, I have always hated the picture of "Simon" When from the beginning Simon was a Dog and not a kid. Good luck.

  8. I LOVE it! But I think we will need a new DT banner ;)

  9. I think the new look is fabulous and love the summery colours but there's a bit of me that miss the frogs.

  10. I looove your new blog - especially the tabs along the top that take you to places - warm and sunny preferably !!

    I did prefer the frog blog header only because it showed off the SSS stamps but I do like this one too.

    The whole blog seems to be a lot clearer and easier to navigate ! Fantastic !

    Hugs to all,

    Jo x

  11. new layout is absolutely outstanding, soo fresh, colorful, oh I love it:)

  12. I love the LO. The banner is so pretty!

  13. great, sweeta and colorful layout - love it :)

  14. Honestly... I love it! I like the colors, the banner is SO cute, and the direct links are a great idea!

    Kind regards from Spain :)

  15. I love the layout and the easy links and the header is lovely but ,,,,I agree with Debby and Jo, I liked the frogs and think the header should showcase something from the Simon Says Stamp range :-/

    sorry :-(

    Lorraine x x

  16. Woohoo, found the post I was looking for here....I *love* the new look of your blog! The soft colours are *really* pretty and it looks so polished and neat - love the links on the side too!


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