Wednesday, May 19, 2010

EK Success Punches!

Today I had the pleasure of spending lots of time near the punch area of the warehouse, especially near the EK Success punches. While there, my eye was caught by Swirl, a punch that reminds me of paisley prints and something exotic. I like to look at people's entries into the Simon Says Stamp Challenge, and I often comment on cool punches that people have chosen for their compositions. This is one that I have yet to see in an entry, but I think it would be a nice addition to a card involving water or fire or really anything as long as it looks nice! : )

Another punch that I like by EK Success is the one called Icicle. Although it is called Icicle, and could surely be used for a cold-weather theme, I very much prefer warm weather and like to look at it as freshly cut grass or even a comb. Besides using it toward a specific theme, it could be used to enhance aesthetics - texture is always a good idea when it comes to art, as far as I'm concerned. I've seen a lot of people from the Challenge use ribbon in conjunction with a punch for added interest and I love it.

And now for one that my friend Chelsea would like: Diamond Lace! She frequently says, "Diamonds are a girl's best friend." Although I personally prefer to claim my dog as my best friend, I think that diamonds have their place. This punch makes me think of a few things - first, a doily. My great grandma used to have doilies on her tables under different objects to enhance (you guessed it!) texture. Secondly, I am reminded of poker or any card game because I think the scalloped shape with the diamonds looks like a hand of cards. And, finally, it makes me think of a girly-themed invitation - perhaps for a bridal shower - because of the diamonds. Oh, the possibilities!

EK Success has a lot of other punches and products beyond those listed above and I highly recommend checking them out! Hopefully you will all have an excellent "Hump Day" to set the tone for the end of the week! Thanks for checking out our blog and feel free take a peek at the Simon Says Stamp Challenge : )


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  1. These are so .. so..delish!!! I wish I can own them all!! :) xx


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