Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Rain Rain Go Away..Come Again Another Day!

Inspiration Compliments of Debby

Hello fellow crafters! We have been having quite a block of dreary rainy days at our home offices and while I know we need rain to make things green and bloom...I'm eagerly anticipating the sunshine! I just loved this card from Debby (pictured above..and how perfect is the sentiment!!) Are you loving the paper she used to make the flowers as much as I am? She's using Basic Grey Origins & White!! And the super cute Tilda she used is Tilda with Swimsuit.

Inspiration Compliments of Lols

This awesome stamp from Sarah Kay is also so sweet and makes me think of Spring and Summer, and fresh flowers! Don't you just love the touches of sparkle Lols added to her card, it's so pretty and the Floral Lace punch on the left is perfect!

Inspiration Compliments of Jo

I love TGF stamps! They always make me smile, even on cloudy days! This sweet inspiration provided by Jo is featuring Oliver from the set Happy Day. Isn't he a cutie?!

Well I hope I brightened your day with inspiration, even if it isn't cloudy where you are! Special thanks to our DT who inspire me on a daily basis!!

***Blog Candy Alert...Join our following and tell me what inspires you and gets you out of the cloudy day blues and you could win a sweet stash of goodies to get crafting! I will draw the winner on Tuesday, May 25th.

Keep those creative juices flowing!!


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  1. Oh wow what stunning cards, they are fabulous.
    I am a felow TGF fan and find their stamps alway inspire me, also i love looking at others blogs to see what colours and styles are hot!
    love tasha xx

  2. Gorgeous inspirational cards!! =)
    I really don't mind the rainy weather at all, all the more reason to stay in and by my desk and create ;D
    Hugs, SannaS

  3. Waw fab cards, love the images and colouring. My baby boy inspires me the most, I do craft with when is rain inside. He is very creative little man.

  4. Cute cards! I'm trying to stay away from purchasing Copic markers but all these cute creations using my collection of stamps is not helping...

    I inspired by the thought that God has given me another day to live; rainy or sunny... ;)

  5. Gorgeous cards!

    I have cloudy day blues every now and then, even on sunny days. Dreams are what gets me out of it! Usually my dreams are sweet stamps I want xD I don't have much money to put into this hobby, but that's beside the point - I like dreaming of stamps, actually getting those stamps and finding out I'm not skilled enough to make what I want, might be disappointing.

  6. Everybody gets bummed by a rainy day at our house. I build a tent in the livingroom with quilts, and the kids play under there. But I agree with Sanna, you can always make cards when it's raining! :-) Lisa

  7. Great cards! And brightly colored crafty supplies always inspire me on a rainy day!

  8. Great cards. My rainy days are perfect for creating cards in my scrap room. I find these days are best for playing (for me).

  9. Rainy days make you feel gloomy, but for me rain = no outdoor activity, so more time to play! So YAY is my word!! :) I only need to look at osme cute cards, a lovely stamp, a Martha Stewart punch, or some of the lovely stash in the market to get my mojo motor speeding! Sigh if only I can play all day long!!! Hugs, and thanks for the inspiration xx

  10. After the stinking hot summer we have just had (in australia) I welcome the rain with open arms. We need lots of it, so dry around here. It also means long days spent inside at my craft table, so the rain can stay..lol
    hugs leonie

  11. My inspiration for anything comes from inside, from experience, something I've seen or been told, my children and their funny little sayings. If it doesn't want to come out and play - I simply curl up on the couch with a great DVD and try again later! ♥

  12. Gorgeous cards! I tend to enjoy rainy days specially on summer, it can get very very hot here. My inspiration comes by visiting blogs and seeing beautiful cards :)

  13. Love the cards! I already follow! I love to blog surf on rainy days to find inspiration to take those blues away!

  14. I love snuggling on my couch with the TV on and my computer in lap - always on the look out for some beautiful art!

  15. Wonderful artwork! Stamping & blog hopping gets me out of rainy day blues!

  16. If it rains, then I have the perfect excuse to craft away (not that I don't craft away on pretty days too!)

  17. rain or shine, what inspire me most to create is the weekly challenge blogs with their dt beautiful creations.
    hugs, heaney

  18. Fabulous cards! Love the bites out of the Don't Feed The Animals sentiment, too cute! lol

    If I'm home I don't really mind the rain, but it tends to be a good day for creating with my son (he usually comes looking for something to work on then), and that's always inspiring. :)

  19. Wow, great cards! I can always come here to this blog, when I need inspiration!

    I know I sound like a broken record, but making cards and scrapping is how I get myself out of the rainy day cloudy day blues. It is also my stress reliever

  20. As long as i don't have to go to work, then I don't mind if it's raining, cause I can stay at home and make cards or scrapbook :D

  21. I don't mind rain at all ,,, living on a practically desert island in the Med ,, any rain is welcome ,, though often it brings sand from the sahara Desert so it is red and dirty ,, makes a mess of the yard and windows :-)
    I love blog hopping for inspiration and have learned so many tips from fellow bloggers ,,,:-)

    Lols x x x

  22. The Sara Kay card is toooo cute. I love those images. Reminds of my paper toll crafty days. Remember Hollie Hobby?? I am already a follower. I don't mind rainy days at all. Actually, I use rainy days as an excuse to stay in my studio for hours dreaming and creating. (That's the name of my blog too. LOL) Have a great day. We have sunshine today...so that means I have to do yard work!

  23. TO get out of the cloudy day blues, I usually will turn on my FAVORITE CD golden oldies mix and pick one simple project (organizing a drawer, cleaning a closet, putting together packets for scrapmania nights) and then will sing (and at times break into dance) at the top of my lungs to all my favorite tunes. So far the neighbors haven't complained (except for a dog or two that might start to howl along with my singing).

  24. If its cloudy and dreary outside I wear somthing Bright and Cheerful that day!

  25. All the cards fantastic. For rainy days, I like to stay inside and work in my craft room creating cards.

  26. I actually like rainy days!! The blues always bring me inspiration!!!
    Love Sofia...


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