Monday, September 27, 2010

Did You Know?

Bird Assortment

Did You Know: that clear stamps can turn bright yellow when they are exposed to fluorescent lights? While picking the Bird Assortment set for someone's order we found a set that was bright yellow!! Heidi said that when they are put in sunlight, they turn back to clear, so we did a little science experiment. It works!! Moral of the story: if your clear stamps turn yellow and you want them to be clear again, put them in the sunlight!

Did You Know: that Hero Arts Latte cards make for an attractive alternative - especially for Autumn & Winter-themed cards? I've gotten bored with plain white cardstock and have fallen in love with Hero Arts Latte Cards. The card above is one that I made in a class we got to take here at Simon Says Stamp (woohoo!). Materials: Huge Hugs clear stamp set, Copic Markers, Latte Cards, Friend Definition cling Stamp, Sunshine Layering Papers, & the Antique Engravings clear stamp set.

Want to win some Hero Arts Latte Cards as blog candy? Comment with a "Did you know" of your own!! I'll announce the winner on my next blog!

Did You Know: That you can customize gemstones with Copic Markers to make them match what you're working on? That's what I did on the butterfly card up above!

Did You Know: We carry Flying Doves and Bird Nests so that you have the option of making wreaths or adding something special to a flower arrangement? At Simon Says Stamp, we strive to have a variety of items so that you can not only find what you need for scrapbooking and card making, but for any project you're working on! Keep the nest as is, or pull it apart to use small parts of it for smaller projects - maybe you'd like a realistic Bird Nest for a "Welcome to the Neighborhood" card you're making?
Did You Know that Crafter's Companion has a Stick & Spray adhesive that is great with Unmounted Rubber Stamps? You can spray an acrylic block with Stick & Spray, adhere your Unmounted Stamp, stamp away, and then peel off the stamp so you can use the block for other projects! How cool is that?!

Thanks for tuning in! Don't forget to comment if you want some Blog Candy!!!
-Sarah :)

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  1. TFS!! Did you know that a mister Clean Magic Erasure sponge will remove ink (even Stays-On) off your acrylic block?
    Thanks for the chance to win

  2. Now I know!
    Thanks for the tips!

  3. Interesting! Did you Know: Fabric glitter glues work exactly the same on your cards as they do on your clothing?
    Thanks for the chance to win ♥

  4. Awesome tip - thanks!! I haven't seen the spray and stick product before and now I HAVE to get some! I hate dealing with EZmount on my UM stamps and love the idea of a little 'pssst' and STICK!

  5. wow i never new that thanks for the tips i shall have to try this out if mine turn yellow lol thankyou for the chance of winning xx

  6. Very cool to know...thanks for the info!
    - April W

  7. Wow, cool stuff. Kinda wish I had yellow stamps to put in the sun, lol.

  8. Did you know that PUrell will remove permanant marker from most surfaces?

  9. Did you know that you can mix fine glitter with glossy accents and paint it onto chipboard etc? Did you know that you can mix irridecent medium with paints to get a beautiful shimmer effect? Thanks for the chance to win!

  10. Did you know you can add a drop of coloured pearlescent ink (ink as for calligraphy/writing etc) to water in a mini mister to make a great glimmery mist?

  11. Wonderful & useful tips! To prevent stains on wood blocks place the cleaner of your choice on the stamp, place a wet scrubber on top and turn them over. The ink and cleaner goes into the scrubber instead of the wood block.

  12. Did you know you can rub a used dryer sheet over your paper before embossing to cut down on static??
    Thanks for a chance to win!

  13. wow - this is great! i have some that have definitely turned, so now i'm anxious to turn 'em back!

    did you know that a Cuttlebug B or C plate makes a FABULOUS base for your clear stamps if you want to make a big background or stamp a large image?

  14. Thanks for all the great tips!


  15. Did you know: Fantastic removes ink from melamine? Also, different widths of quilting rulers set side by side against the fence of the Scor-Pal w mat makes for slip free cutting and aquare cuts every time? My Fiskar cutter blade kept wobbling and the cuts weren't always square and a straight edge on just a mat slips without a fence to butt against.

  16. Did you know: you can also adhere your unmounted rubber stamps to an acrylic block with normal glue stick. Then a baby wipe is perfect for cleaning the stamp, then the acrylic block: baby wipes clean both ink and glue very well!

  17. So many good things to know! Wish I had something to share but I can't think of anything right now...

  18. Did you know that if you don't wipe Versamark immediately off your acrylic block, it leaves stains? Did you know that if you store stamps with kling-on in cd-cases, they leave stain? Those are my problems :( If anyone knows what helps, please share.

    I didn't know, that it was fluorescent lights that turn clear stamps yellow! I thought it was sunlight. But this is very interesting, I have to test this today, the sun is shining right now :)

  19. Did You Know? ...
    *If you take a length of white ribbon, (organza or satin give fabby results,) and your Promarkers you can perfectly colour match your ribbon to your coloured images every time.

    Did You Also Know? ...
    *If you place your finished card into a lidded box of scented pot pourri for a short while before bagging it you can have beautifully scented cards to sell or send.

    Max's Craft Creations
    Bah! Humbug! Challenges DT

  20. Did you know that Simon Says Stamp! sells the greatest variety of stamping supplies in the market plus they've got the nicest bloggers.

    Did you know that boiling water poured from a height of 12 inches will remove red wine stains? Works like a charm!

  21. Love all the useful tips! Can't really think of any new ones at the moment. Thanks for the chance to win!

  22. Did you know magic erasers are great at cleaning mirrors?

  23. Did you know: that you can create your own "templates". Cut any diecut out of any old newsprint or magazine page and then using repositionable tape, adhere the image onto your layout or card and either spritz your color or use a dabber to add paint or ink. When try, the "template" will lift easily off your project leaving a beautiful image on your project.

  24. Did you know that...
    If you (like me) haven't bothered to invest in a wide array of Copic Markers, you can use Adirondack Alcohol Inks to customize the color of your gemstones, pearls, and other embellishments. Just add a drop and poof! Instant vibrantly colored embellishment for your project. :)

  25. Great tips, did you know you can make your own card candy, simply punch a hole out of desired paper/card, give it a bit of a rub with your embossing tool so to curl it a little and use in place of a brad or gem!

  26. These are all fabulous tips, thank you!

    Did you know that an empty CD case makes fabulous storage for clear stamps?


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