Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Dreamy Designs with Gelatos!

Hello and congratulations on making it half way through the week!

Today I'm going to share a GORGEOUS design technique that Faber-Castell's Design Memory Craft blog and their Design Team member Rita Barakat has showcased. Isn't this canvas album cover so dreamy?!
You would think it takes a long time to blend all those colors- but nope! Not with the Faber-Castell Design Memory Craft Metallic Color Gelatos and a little creative edge! Here's how you do it!

You start with a blank canvas- Canvas Corp has great options and all different sizes! You could do this effect on a tiny canvas square or rectangle and then add it to a project!

Start scribbling on your favorite Gelatos! I love the pretty colors that are with the Metallic Color Gelatos, but we also have the Black and White Gelatos and Gold and Silver Gelatos too! If you're going with a specific color scheme, we have Blue/Green Gelatos, Red/Yellow Gelatos, and Neutral Gelatos packs that include a cute little stamp and paintbrush with them too!

Mist the canvas with water, try to get a significant amount of coverage. The more water you spray on, the more dramatic the next step will be! Need a mister? The Essential Tool Kit from Faber Castell's Design Memory Craft contains a mister, a waterbrush, a pencil eraser, a triangular paintbrush, and a blending stump and wedge!

Tilt the wet canvas up, and let those beautiful colors run! You can blend in any hard lines with a dry paintbrush (included like I said in the Essential Tool Kit) or add more color if you see too much white space. If you added too much color (is that possible?! ;)) then you can simply just blot it away with a dry paper towel.

Check out how Rita did the Craft Tag with the same effect! Just like with a smaller canvas size, this effect can be done on other blank materials and added onto projects! But oh it's so pretty as a large background too!

I just love how unique this technique makes projects work, and I hope you can fit this inspiration into a little project of your own in the near future! Have a great day!

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  1. Wow, these Gelatos look like so much fun!

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  3. Love this. I have a set of these and never knew how to use them. I need to pull them out and give them a try. Thank you.


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