Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Tattered Angels Glimmer Mists! What We're Doing Today!

WOW! The CHA Show orders are pouring in! The first to arrive is our Glimmer Mist box! Isn't this a beautiful box of product? Packaged so neatly and perfectly, when our Simon Team Member, Hallie, opened the box, I heard her say "WOW" from the other room. I came in and saw what she saw and told her "Don't move, we gotta get a photo of how pretty this looks!". We will be listing the product later today for you to buy at http://www.simonsaysstamp.com/.

A few minutes later, I snapped a photo of her unloading the box and labelling the product. I am sad you can't see the "MADE IN THE USA" Label on the side of the box. Have you tried Glimmer Mists yet? Click here for directions on its use! Glimmer Mists are hot right now and so fabulous, fun and cool to work with! You can click here for some great project ideas!
This artwork created by Trisha Ladoucer. Glimmer mist gave it the "aged" "antique" look.

Artwork "Seriously" is by Vicki C

Would you like a FREE container of Glimmer Mist with some fabulous stencils! *BLOG CANDY ALERT*? Be the first to comment on this post to let us know what you think of Glimmer Mists and we'll send you some Mist and Stencils!

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  1. Am I first? How exciting!! I don't know what I think of Glimmer mists yet because I haven't tried them, but if they create projects like these, I think I love them already! This page and notebooks are awesome! I love the vintage look! Thanks for sharing products as you receive them!

  2. I have only one coulour of Glimmer Mist and it's a great fun to use it. I will try others for sure.

    But first of all I would like to say that the artwork you show is AWESOME!!!!!!!!! Seriuosly :P

  3. ok, i konw I;m not the first one, but I jus t hahe to leava a comment these works are gorgeous - both!!! Imy eyes almost stick tho the screen whe I saw them ....wow.........

  4. Not the first :-( but wow....what a gorgeous artwork....just so beautifull!!!
    And i just love glimmer mist i have two colors already(bought at your ebaystore ) and just waiting for one that was out of stock.

    xoxo tas

  5. These look really cool. But I have to ask, what makes em different from distressing inks or alcohol inks?

  6. Oh Becky ;) Lots of things! The glimmery glitter inside of them, for one. It is also nice that they spray, rather than sponge or daub onto your work. They are acid free and also, Made in the USA.

  7. Now I'm seriously thinking about buyig it for a ty...My new love are alcohol inks, but maybe glimmer mist'll be the next one?

  8. I {heart} Glimmer Mists; I use them for resists projects.

    I would really love to add more colors to my collection; the new ones are just gorgeous!


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