Tuesday, October 21, 2008

How About a Smile Today?

Everybody needs a smile!

How I gave a smile today:
*gave my dog a good belly rub, ...the kind that makes his whole body go limp
*played hide and seek with my 14 month son. He loves to run behind the chair and let me chase him.
*spent alone time hiking with my hubby. The woods are so pretty this time of year, we both had big grins

I need to be more aware of making people smile!

Somebody made me smile today:
*See ALL of the above ( I told you ...contagious!)
*My friend told me how lucky she was that she has me in her life (I am happy she is in MY life too, so I totally understand!)
*My mom told me that not only are she and my dad planning to visit this weekend, but so is my "baby" brother and his sweetheart ( I love 'em all to death!)
*The guy at Starbucks handed me a super sugary, high calorie coffee drink (I promise it wasn't for ME!, but it still made me smile....aaaah the smell! Not sure if I mentioned this, but I've been on a health kick eating healthy & organic, while exercising religiously to get my body ready for hopefully another pregnancy and frankly, be healthy.
*had my son run to me and wrap his arms around me for a great big warm and full hug!
*looked at old pictures of my nephews, loved Ethan's toothless grin!

Smiles are contagious, pass it along!

What makes YOU smile? How do you like to make other people smile?

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  1. What makes me smile?
    Being recognized for my stamping skills which I like to share with others.
    Thanks for all the really nice comments for my House Mouse and Penny Black stamps (it took me years to track down "Beware of the Cat".
    Jen x

  2. This post made me smile!
    To sit down with my projects and feel that what I make means something to me, to be pleased with what I make..that makes me smile.
    A big hug from my children, really makes me smile!

  3. what makes me smile? people smiling to me:), child singing in the train when everybody are bored with travel, and sun makes me smile, I need sun to live:)

  4. What makes me smile?
    The pictures on the Simon Says Stamp blog of the beautiful cards that people are making. They are such an inspiration.

  5. My husband & my 5 year old make me smile everyday. Nice people make me smile. This Blog makes me smile because there are so many creative & talented people on it. I like to do unexpected nice things for people to make THEM smile. :)

  6. Wat makes me SMILE?
    Feeling appreciated for work at home, office and my scrapbboking.... & waking up to a loving hubby & angel daugther....

  7. a child laughing always make me smile

  8. My childrens makes me smile today with them puppets theatre. An this picture and the blog too.


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