Monday, August 24, 2009

Early Birthday Surprise

My Dear Friend, LOLS, has been on holiday for several weeks, so she sent me my birthday card early. She sent it all of the way from Malta (where she lives) so I don't think anybody thought it could get here to Ohio, USA this fast! Can you believe the beauty of this card!!? I never received one so special, and so LARGE! It is the most beautiful card I have ever held in my hands. Thank you so much Lols! She is sitting lovingly on the top shelf in my office. It has all of my favorite things, red ribbon, tilda, charms, layers, butterflies, glitter, embossing....oh the details. Even the flowers have been custom died. This must have taken her YEARS to make!

She also sent a Teddy bear, candy and a spiffy handbag for me. Oh my goodness! It was like Christmas! Here is my little boy in his new Hard Rock Cafe - Malta T! It says "My first Hard Rock Malta T shirt" I love it! Sorry the pic is a bit blurry, I am still learning how to use my iphone. ...and yes, that is Simon our dog and store namesake in the back corner, he is always lurking in the corner of our photos.

Thank you so much Lols. Although I am not in a hurry to turn one year older, it sure is nice to get such treats early! You are very thoughtful and I appreciate your friendship! It will soon be the thirteenth anniversary of my 21st birthday!


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  1. Oh how sweet!! :) We Maltese are generous people by nature!! lol
    Enjoy your birthday tret dear, and hope you have the best of times.. even if it is not still actually here :))
    Lovely card Lorraine!

  2. aww doesen't Jax look cute :-) Lovely to see Simon in there too :-) I should have popped a doggy chew in there for him eh !! Will do next time :-)
    Just to point out to Rosette, the Maltese are generous ( on the whole !! ) but I am in fact English :-)

    Happy Birthday Heidi, enjoy :-)

    Lols x x x x

  3. What a stunning card!! Lorraine is a very talented lady for sure, as well as a lovely person.
    Hope you enjoy your birthday!


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