Friday, September 25, 2009


Personalization is the key to finishing your paper craft projects! Let that certain someone know how many grueling hours and blood, sweat, and tears were put into their handmade gift by signing your name!!!! Don't forget to date your piece of art, also!

Here are a few of my favorite "Personalization" products for your viewing pleasure...

This stamp, to the left is called "Handmade" and is by Inkadinkado. I think this one is cute because of the little hand writing out the words. I usually sign below this stamped image. It is the perfect size for customizing the back of your handmade cards!

I love this "Limited Edition" stamp by Hero Arts. Here, to the right, are some examples using this stamp courtesy of the Hero Arts Website. The purple they used in these cards is gorgeous. It's my new favorite color!

If you are looking for a great way to customize your creations, we have lots and lots of fabulous choices in our store. Just click HERE! All different sized and style are available.

And for the paper crafters, this lovely heart charm from Darice is PERFECT!!! It is called "Made With Love" and would make any project complete with this little dandy hanging off of it. And you get 75 in one pack - what a deal!

****BLOG CANDY ALERT**** Let me know what your favorite personalization product is from our store. Or, let me know if you use a favorite that we don't currently carry! We want to make your favorites available to everyone! We will draw a random winner at the end of the week and that person will win ONE PACKAGE of DARICE MADE WITH LOVE CHARMS! Woohoo! You know you want them!

As for now, I will leave you with a few more items that may "MAKE" your day! tee hee ~TERRA




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  1. I have a few that I've had for years, but I've never seen that cute 'Handmade' stamp with the hand writing it out. I like that Stampers Anonymous that says: "Special Edition: 1 of 1" too. :)

  2. After looking in the store the one I really like is the one you have displayed in this post! It's Hero Arts Rubber Stamp d4929 LIMITED EDITION. I think a personal stamp is a "must have".

  3. I love it when the stamp can be personalised with you name. I have been given one for my birthday this year. They ordered it for me. It says Handmade by..then there is an angel in the middle.. and then Rosette underneath. It is a circle shaped stamp.

  4. I love LIMITED EDITION stamp. Stamp with bee is sooo sweet :)
    Hugs, Magda x

  5. I really like that hero arts limited edition stamp.

  6. I love the cute 'Handmade' stamp.

    I would also like to thank Heidi for her kind comment on my blog. I love the penguin stamps, they always get me in a happy mood. It was a fab prize to recieve :)

    Hope you get a great weekend,


  7. Hallo
    Das sind tolle Sachen.
    der Stempel 'Handmade' find ich gro├če Klasse.
    lg gila

  8. That bee stamp is cute. But there are alot of nice ones to personalize to make your cards special. Carol M in TX /

  9. I usually use personalized stamps that have been made just for me, but I really like the ONE OF A KIND (WENDY VECCHI/STAMPERS ANONYMOUS) stamp. =)
    Hugs, SannaS

  10. I have one that is personalized with my name & blog address. I use it to stamp on all my handmade creations (especially those that I sell). If I'm just making some for family, I will use a Handmade by ... and sign my initials with the year.

  11. I like the Hero Arts one with the heart that you have and I also like the ones on this site...check them out!


  12. I really like the Created By one from Hero Arts. I don't have one of these personalization stamps but I keep thinking I should get one.

  13. I love that Limited Edition stamp!

  14. I'm a big cat and dog person, and my favorite personalization is the Fluffles cat "Handstamped by". In fact, I'm collecting the Fluffles stamps, and other cute dog/cat stamps.

  15. My favorite one says something like "This card is handmade, if you throw it away those same hands will make a doll of you and stick pins in its butt", but that is my sick sense of humor :) I can't remember where I found that one though. There are a lot of great ones in your store, but I think my favorite one there is Stampers Anonymous Rubber Stamp HANDMADE ART Hand Made K216 that says something to the effect that you are holding a handmade work of art and all imperfections are to be revered as a mark of original art. I'll have to make sure to get that one the next time I place and order!

  16. Hello,

    My favorite is:

    its a "priceless made just for you"

    I love it and I was looking for it for quite some time :-)


  17. There is a great set by close to my Heart called "Made with Love" that has about 8 different options so that you can personalize based on your mood.

  18. Thank you for this interesting post. So many possibilities for adding the final touch to a piece...

    My favorites are the general ones "Handmade by" rather than "hand stamped by". They are more versatile and useful.

    My picks are two, both by Hero Arts:

    1) Hero arts limited edition

    2) Hero Arts Handmade from the heart


  19. I bought and use the hero ars 'created by' ,, I bought the same one for my mum too and I think it is still may fave,, though I did see the one that Amy mentions in her comment and that is fun ,, not good for some cards tho ,,, sympathy especially ! :-)

    lols x x x

  20. I love this Inkadinkado Clear Stamps "MINI HANDMADE" (99029) and "Limited Edition" stamp from HeroArts...

  21. Adoro los sellos, lastima que en argentina no hay!Me gustaria trabajar con ellos!Saludos!!

  22. All personalization stamps are fab but I love this one:

    *Hero Arts Rubber Stamp CREATED BY BANNER a2127
    I need to have but need to wait for a while! Hugs,moni


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