Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Please Welcome Greta! 11 Year Old Crafter!

DD Greta--Cardmaker Extraordinaire

Simon Says Stamp
welcomes folks of all shapes, sizes, ages, origin, race, nationality, sex. As you know, we welcome EVERYONE!! However, it is not so often we get the opportunity to work with a junior card maker! Please welcome GRETA! We have GRETA joining us in the Designer Spotlight at our Simon Says Stamp Challenge. Won't you please pop by her blog and leave her a comment? She has very kindly made 2 fabulous cards for us to show you this week, one with real sewing and one with faux !! Greta is only 11 years old and started cardmaking last October, she is really talented and plays the piano, competes in gymnastics and is a Girl Scout too ! Greta shares her blog with her mom Lisa who is also a very talented cardmaker :-)

It is very touching to me that Greta and her mom share in a passion. It is a gift they can share together. Imagine the chats us girls have while we are crafting! It's a real treasure for a mother and daughter to work side by side.

Did you know we have a mother / daughter team here in our Simon Says Stamp offices too? Carla and Terra are mother and daughter. Terra has been with us since the beginning of time and Carla joined us a bit over a year ago when we were desperate for help in expanding our store. We love and appreciate them both very dearly.

When I was a little girl (hundreds of years ago!) I used to like to garden with my mom. She had a large garden in our yard where she grew sweet corn, strawberries, carrots, peas, tomatoes, beans and so much more! She once told me she would pay me 5cents per beatle that I could pick off the beans. Til this day, she still talks about how she thought I would pick just a few beatles and quickly grow bored, but hours later I brought her a huge jar full of beatles! It broke her bank;) My favorite thing to do (besides eating fresh produce) was to dig up potatoes. It was like a treasure hunt to find the next buried spud! Thanks for the good memories, and the fresh delightful produce mom!

Is there something you like to do with your children or your parents? We'd love to hear your stories! Please comment here:) Don't forget to pop by Greta's & her mom's BLOG HERE. It would be so nice to support a junior card maker! Spread the love:)

Much luv,

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  1. Beautiful work from a very talented junior crafter and so much to offer! Fab stitching on the card Greta and loved the story Heidi. Off to visit Greta's mum.

  2. very cute cards from Greta - she's got a bright future in cardmaking ahead of her! :)
    my mother-in-law and i have bonded over this craft as well, and i love it. many people have "issues" with their in-laws, but i cherish my occasional saturday night/all day sunday cardmaking marathons with mine!

  3. Beautiful cards, Greta is very talented.

    There are quite a few young papercrafters out in blogland, it's amazing to see how creative the all are.


  4. Yes it is so lovely to see Mum and daughter working side by side. My daughter is only 4 years old and very enthuatist about wanting to start making cards and jewellery. She often uses my stamps, and we make Christmas and birthdays cards for people. She strung her first necklace when she was only 3 dear of her, I can't wait till shes bigger, and we sit side by side at my desk and make stuff together, and she picks her bits and pieces. I also hope to see cards and jewellery sitting next to mine waiting for someone to buy. Thanks for giving everyone the opportunity to see Gretas cards. xx

  5. Greta is already really talented and I love your story Heidi. Wanna hear a little story from me? My Mom and both of my grandmothers are crafters, too. No stampers but we are crafting together all my life long... in two weeks we will have our next "three generations" crop *heehee*. I will show them how to stamp a card! Looking forward to that day so much because one of my grandmothers will become 80 this year and I don't know how many of these crops we still will have together. Hopefully many :)

  6. Thanks for all the nice compliments! I enjoy cardmaking with my mommy!


  7. dreampatricia@aol.comSeptember 24, 2009 at 5:43 AM

    A new talent is coming !!! pretty scrap !!!

    Patricia. Paris - France.

  8. Greta and her mum Lisa are an inspiration ! :-) They have both entered almost every one of our challenges and we really appreciate it ;-) Both of them are very talented and it is so nice that they have this wonderful creative gift to share :-)
    My mum my daughter and I had our first,,, and only,, cardmaking lesson together and we all still make cards,, not together very often as my Mum lives in the UK and I am in Gozo, Malta, but when we do get togther we always have at least one crafty session :-)
    Lols x x x

  9. If you love to craft now, you will love to do it all of your life. Great going. Good Luck on future projects.

  10. My two year old son is starting to show a lot of interest in crafting, specially if mommy's supplies are involved!!! We've been making some attempts to stamp, and he loves it! It's kind of magical for him: the paper is blank, then you make "bang" with the block and there's a car! Or a snowman! He also loves me stamping a lot of images for him so then he can color them. I'm so looking forward to have my little stamping buddie joining me when he is a bit older. And at the same time I dread my baby growing so fast!!
    Greta is a very talented little girl, I must say!
    Big hugs from Montevideo :)


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