Monday, July 26, 2010

Twinkling H2O Watercolors!

Order from left to right: Guatamalan, Lemondrop, Poppy Red, Olive Vine, Jasmine

Good afternoon! Maybe you didn't know this, but we at Simon Says Stamp just received a new product called Twinkling H2O Shimmering Watercolors. That's right - not just plain old watercolors - these shimmer. Now, don't tell me you're not even the slightest bit excited about them. They are SUPERB! And you know what...they come in lots of colors (the ones above are only 5 of 24 colors).

Q: How does one use these watercolor paints?
A: Spritz the paint directly, then apply with...

**brush (like Claudine Helmuth's Artist Brushes)
** the Silky Stamping Sponge by Hero Arts (right)
**Fantastix (far right)
**Aqua Flo Brush Set by Hero Arts
**You can even use your fingers!
**Mini Misters (you can chip off some paint, put it in a mini mister and shake with water to make a watercolor spritz)

Still not convinced that you need these for your craft collection? Check out this video:

The woman in the video also used a few of these items to help enhance her project:
**Heat It Craft Tool
**Craft Pick
**Black Marker (like Copic's 0.1 Black Multiliner)
**White Pen (like Ranger's White Opaque Pen)

Hopefully this helps amp you up about these watercolors!!! I am dying to play with them so I'd better be going :)

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  1. Oh I would love to try tempting..xx

  2. I have had my eye on Twinkling H20's for a while. I'm thrilled Simon says stamp will be stocking them now.

  3. I can't wait to test them (again). I really need new Twinkling's. Sold mine some years ago... *sniff*.

  4. the twinkling h2os are great! i have about 20 colours i have brought over the past few years here in australia. they are great for adding that extra shine to a project!

  5. Nice, I have some original Twinkling H2Os so I'd love to see some new ones.


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