Friday, October 29, 2010

Background Stamps!

These stamps are great because they add pattern/texture to your cards and, unless you're making a massive card, it only takes a minute to make something pretty! Here are a few of my favorite background stamps!!
Round & Round is so pretty and there is a lot of detail. This would be useful if you want to just do one stamp and then basically be done - I could see just this on a card, maybe with some gems and a sentiment?

Florentine Pattern is great because it's subtle and can go with any theme!

Seeing spots? Me too! I love these Circles and that they're different sizes!

I like Happy Festive Background for the exact opposite reason that I like Florentine Pattern - it's busy and there's a lot to look at. Reminds me of the hustle and bustle of Christmas.

Silent Night Background is neat because (I think) it's the actual notes and lyrics for the song. I like that it looks like a hymnal page too.

I've always liked Paisley patterns anyway so the Paisley Background stamp is an go-to favorite for me.

Holly Flourish is a nice filled-in pattern. For more examples of what you can make of this click on Holly Flourish or the picture!
This stamp reminds me a little bit of the Brady Bunch. It's called Retro Background.

I spy....Birds! Do you? This stamp is called Birds of a Feather. It makes me think of a Victorian wallpaper design a little bit. I like.

Happy Crafting!

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  1. Thank you for inspiration! I like background stamps too, although I don't have big ones - I just stamp it over and over again to cover the card base xD

  2. ohh i love the music note stamp!! it is gorgeouss
    hugs Ria

  3. These are all fabulous.


  4. I hadn't seen the Silent Night background before... I love it!!

  5. Klasse, ich find sie alle schön und ich seh auch Vögel, lach
    lg gila

  6. Love both stamps with the circles!

  7. L

    background stamps!!!!!!!!!!


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