Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Monday CHA Spectaculars!

Our team is excited to show you some of our favorite pics and peeps from today! We had the pleasure and honor of having lunch with our 2 Design Team Directors, Lorraine & Linda! It was also a pleasure to meet Linda's friend, Lin Brown.

Check out the gorgeous treat below, made of Ribbon and embellies!

Tim was up to his "distressing" work with stain. Don't be fooled! The stains offer complete coverage at full color intensity.

John from Magnolia Stamps chatted with Stephanie about some very excited news...but we just can't tell you about it... YET! Notice the back cover of Magnolia's most recent magazine ? There is a special code on it for YOU!

Prima's new flower releases are ART!

Just a few pieces of eye candy to show you what we've been up to...... Back to order writing and meetings....

Do you wonder what our #1 pick of the show is so far? Shhhhh....it's a secret, we are trying to get the bestest photos to do it justice!

Fingers crossed the weather makes it an option to fly back home tomorrow...... Missing my 3 year old lil' guy like crazy. He probably forgets what I look like.


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  1. Thanks for all the sneaks folk. I wish I owned a shop so I could go to CHA - oh! my DH just said 'I do'!!!! cheeky monkey!

  2. Lovin' all the pics and info you're sharing...arrive home safely!

  3. Thanks for all the cool pics!

  4. Nice pics. I had to look twice at the cupcakes to see they weren't real.
    Safe trip!


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