Saturday, March 26, 2011

Concepts for Easter: By Tattered Angels

6 (4-inch) clay pots
3 (2.5 inch) styrofoam balls cut in half
6 (5 inch) squares of crate paper
Jelly Beans
Chalkboard Mists of your Choice

1.) Paint each of your clay pots with the various colors of Tattered Angels Chalkboard Mists (let dry)

2.) Wrap one piece of tissue paper over the rounded top of one of the styrofoam balls, then push it down into the painted clay pot until it is secured (repeat this with all of the clay pots)

Tip: If the Jelly Beans are going to get eaten, line the clay pots with plastic wrap.
Recommended Additional Embellishments:
-Spring Joys Stickers (pictured above)
Additional Supplies:
Use as:
Table Decorations
Easter Bunny Treats (like Santa's Cookies & Milk - set out with carrots?)
Spring Gifts
Party Favors
Window Decorations
The base for a sign (you'll need something to stake in the styrofoam)
This is a great craft for any age - have fun!

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