Monday, August 30, 2010

HOT TIP!!! Alter your Tim Holtz Texture Fades!

Happy Crafty Monday!

Have you ever wanted to emboss something with a Tim Holtz Texture Fade and your medium is longer than the embossing folder? Well, lucky for you, Tim Holtz has thought of EVERYTHING and has offered this quick and easy fix for you!

All pictures are courtesy of Tim Holtz's Blog HERE. Please visit for many more ideas and endless inspiration!

Well, the solution is simple! Just whip our your handy dandy Tim Holtz Craft Knife and start cutting!!!

Open up your Texture Fade and use your Craft Knife to cut a slit in the top crease of the embossing folder. Just don't cut the whole length! (If you do...tape helps;). Be sure to leave about a 1/2" on BOTH sides so the end result looks like the picture to the right.

Now you can slide your #8 Manila Tags right in and emboss the body of the Tag, leaving the top part plain. can emboss 12" strips of paper for your scrapbook and get a continuous pattern!

The Texture Fade featured is from the Bingo & Patchwork of my favorites! Check it out HERE! Need Tim's new Vagabond Sizzix Machine? It is available for PREORDER now! Look HERE for more info!

Thank you Tim for your thoughtfulness! This opens up a whole new world of embossing possibilities!


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  1. I am an artist and am trying to find a company to represent my artwork as rubber stamps. It may seem a bit presumptuous of me but I wondered if you could look at some of my work at

    I would really appreciate it so very much.

  2. When I saw to cut it I was like "EEK!" but I think I could handle it, lol. Thanks!


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