Friday, August 27, 2010

Jenni Bowlin New Products IN STOCK!!!

Jenni Bowlin New Products are Here!!!

My favorite embellishment line, the Jenni Bowlin Chipboard Buttons, has been expanded and I am super excited!!! The new additions are Vintage Christmas, Vintage Halloween, and Vintage Valentine.

Don't you just LOOOOOVVVEEE this tree made out of the Vintage Christmas Chipboard Buttons? I absolutely love it, it is on my holiday project list as we speak! This fabulous tree picture and idea is courtesy of the Jenni Bowlin Inpsiration Blog - check it out and be blown away!!!

Also featured on this tree decor are the new Pearl Buttons in Red and the new Vintage Sew-On Buttons in Yellow (they are named yellow, but they are really a darker ivory or cream in person). Three products, some adhesive and some stitching, and voila!!! A masterpiece!!!

Other new products available from Jenni Bowlin Studios include Brown and Black Vintage Sew-On Buttons, more Pearl Buttons, Chipboard Elements in Banner and Butterflies, and Vellum Embellished Butterflies. Check out our entire Jenni Bowlin Category in the store to see every piece of eye candy by Jenni Bowlin!

I hope this "made" your day!

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  1. What a cute project! Have not seen the chip board buttons before, how fun!

  2. Chip board buttons sounds good. Do they come in different sizes too?

  3. Those are so very cute! Great idea.

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  6. All that buttony goodness... love the tree.

  7. What a fun project, great use for buttons!


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